Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Classrooms Student Generated Alphabet

I have done a few posts about student generated alphabets (we're using the Gomez and Gomez model of dual language instruction, with some components in the non-dual language classrooms as well). Those two posts are Getting Started With Labeling Your Classroom and Making A Student Generated Alphabet and Using Word Walls and Student Generated Alphabets in the 5th Grade Classroom. In those posts, I linked to a template I had come up with for student generated alphabets (you can access that document HERE).

I'll admit that I'm still not fully off the ground with my word wall stuff, but the student generated alphabet, a one time activity that stays up for viewing and reference all year, is complete. Students helped select the words (we worked on 5th grade appropriate words), and they worked in cooperative pairs (another hallmark of Gomez and Gomez) to get this done. Here are some photos of the student generated alphabet up in the classroom:

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