Friday, October 5, 2012

5th Grade Teacher Simple Research Project Resources

I expect my 5th grade students to be able to produce on topic, appropriate, properly cited research early on in the school year.
Yes, I know that there are many college students who can't do this, but that's not really my problem, or yours. When you get right down to it, research really isn't that difficult, it's just another process to teach and practice until it gets done correctly.

The type of research I'm talking about here is non-scientific, I'm talking about basic research on a topic in social studies, literature, etc. It's all about gathering information, deciding what's important, and presenting that information in an efficient manner.

The following documents are for any teacher who is ready to get their students researching: 
  • SIMPLE RESEARCH RUBRIC (pdf or doc): This rubric is good for pretty much any type of topic research. 
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY CARDS (pdf or doc): These cards are great for teaching students how to track their sources and how to cite them in a proper APA style bibliography. I've seen graduate students not know how to do this, but it's ok, 5th graders can, you just have to demand that they do it.
  • BIOGRAPHY HELP PAGES (pdf or doc): I've previously shared this packet in my Famous Individual Project post. This can come in handy to anyone doing any type of biographical research.
  • STUDY SKILLS ACTIVITY BOOK: NOTE TAKING (pdf): I also shared this source in my Famous Individual Project post. It's a great packet of activities that help students learn how to find and pull sources, what is important and not important, and how to cite different sources. This is seriously a gold mine!
You are free to take these documents and change them for your own needs (with the exception of the study skills book, that one isn't mine). Just remember, it's all free, and should remain as such.

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