Sunday, December 23, 2012

Boosed Grader: An Android App EZ Grader

As a child, I was lucky enough to attend elementary school where my mom taught (for grades 3-5). At the time, I understood little about what teachers actually did, and often thought that she stayed an hour or two after school each day just to torture me.

My mom had a magical tool in her classroom, a mystical green rectangular wonder that somehow told her how to grade things. I did not understand this piece of cardboard, but thought it held some mystical power. 

As it turns out, I was almost right. I'm talking about the EZ Grader of course. 
I have an EZ Grader, and am led to believe that every teacher on the face of the planet does as well. This little sliding piece of cardboard really makes the job of grading easier. I bought mine at the local school store right after accepting my first job, and have used it timeless times since. I like to have students help grade papers (only the ones who want to), and even teach them to use this simple little device.

As great and timeless as the EZ Grader has become, sometimes you don't have it with you. A simple calculator always works well in a pinch, but for those teachers who like to have all the percentages right in front of them, you do have some options.

I've used a few different Android apps that are EZ Grader clones,
and the best one I've come across is called Boosed Grader. Boosed Grader is great because it's free, and has a very simple, minimal interface. If you use a Droid smartphone, I highly recommend this great app!

Boosed asks you simply to input the total amount of points in the assignment you are grading, and in turn gives you a list of the percentages given the number incorrect, just like EZ Grader. I like this tool because I always have my cell phone on me, while my EZ Grader is in my desk at work. Plus, I always love the price of free apps.

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