Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some 5th Grade Greek Mythology Resources

My class will be studying a lot of Greek Mythology in the coming weeks.

Let me be a little more precise. We're reading The Lightning Thief right now, and I love to teach some Greek mythology while we're reading what has quickly become a classic in my classroom. But more on The Lightning Thief later.

My school district is mandating the use of "work stations" in reading class. This is basically just another way of saying "centers," "groups," or "guided reading." But that's another post for another day.

This post is simply just some resources about Greek Mythology that are usable in the 5th grade classroom. In my case, it will be in the reading class. Let's get started.

A lot of the things I'll be either printing out about Greek Mythology or having students read and synthesize on the internet will come from The Greek Mythology Webquest that is found on I pick and choose from the great selection of stories and Gods. I don't necessarily follow the webquest itself, although it is excellent if you choose to do so.

Greek Mythology for Kids - This is a listing of many resources at the timeless Mr. Donn . org (a great resource site).

BBC Primary History: Ancient Greeks - A great listing that students can use in individual research.

Winged Sandals - I can't pass on this FANTASTIC website. I'm going to have my students do some individual research this week using this great interactive, flash (or HTML) based site. The stories are interactive, are read to the students, and they can play games, download pictures, etc. It really is about as high quality as it gets.


Greek Mythology Cheat Sheet - It is what it says, a great cheat sheet for the teacher who may need to brush up a little bit (I've been there, trust me).

Yesterday's Classics - A great little reader that you can pull from for students to study a few specific Greek topics (and by a few, I mean a lot).

Listing of Greek Gods and Roman equivalents - Page 2 is a nice table that I'm going to utilize in class.

Lightning Thief Activities - I'm using this as I go through the Rick Riordan book, but there are some great activities and print outs in here that could be of service to anyone teaching Greek Myth.

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