Thursday, July 4, 2013

Two Great YouTube Video Based Tools That Will Add Student Engagement To Your Lessons

Today I wanted to share a few neat video tools that I can see students and teachers really enjoying in the classroom. I found both of these tools on Free Technology For Teachers, and after playing around with them, decided that they were definitely both worth sharing.

First off, there's wireWAX. wireWAX is a cool YouTube annotation service that allows you to place interactive tags inside of YouTube videos. The best part is, whatever you tag to opens up within the video that's already playing, it doesn't take you to an outside website. I'm already working on one to share with my students during a history lesson, and I've found that it's really interactive and engaging, I think students will really enjoy this.

Here is a wireWAX annotated video to check out:

Next up is blubbr. blubbr allows you to create YouTube video clip quizzes. After playing around with this one, I was very impressed, and see great applications on both computers and tablets alike. If the concept sounds interesting, I recommend you head there and try a few quizzes, and try to make your own. It's really easy, and like wireWAX, totally free.

Well, that's my quick little post for now. Go check out these two great services, you won't be disappointed!

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