Thursday, November 8, 2012

Polygon Practice Mega .pdf Document of Great Practice Pages for 5th Graders

I recently published 5th grade math unit 3: Area, Perimeter, Volume, Prisms, Pyramids, Polygons, and Circles. It's a huge unit that involves a lot of vocabulary and targeted skill practice. You can see that unit listed in my Math 9 Week Plans, in its own Unit Page, and in the more popular post titled 5th Grade Math Unit: Area, Perimeter, Volume of Prisms and Pyramids, Polygons and Circles.

I scoured the internet over the last couple of evenings, downloading pdf documents of practice pages that could meet my students needs. Currently, we're working on getting the vocabulary up for unit 3, and it's a huge task that involves over 30 definitions that are necessary for understanding and success in these skills.

I took the best of what I found in freely available online pdf documents and created a mega document that is 49 pages long and 1.4 megabytes in size. It's the practice pages that I'm intending on using during these upcoming weeks, and I believe that it could be of service to any teacher teaching these skills.

To download the document, which is available through my Google Drive, click:


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