Monday, June 11, 2012

Factors & Multiples

Having a working knowledge of factors and multiples is important as students move forward from the 5th grade. Knowing what each term means, as well as how to find the factors and/or multiples of a given number provides them with a foundation as they move forward into algebra. So let's get started:

First, head off to THE KHAN ACADEMY where you will learn all about prime numbers, divisibility, factors, and multiples. Each of these is necessary in order to understand fractions, and further on, algebra.

Next up, it's time to try out finding factors using a venn diagram format. Go ahead and click the image to play that game.
You can also try this exact same venn diagram with multiples by clicking HERE.

And finally, it's time to play the Legend of Dick and Dom from the BBC. Play this fun, interactive story to see what you know about factors and multiples (click to image to play).

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