Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Order of Operations Game: Bowling With Math

This following worksheet is a great math practice sheet. In 5th grade, students work a lot with the order of operations:


What many students struggle with is the fact that Multiplication and Division are considered to be a "tie," and when working from left to right, you do whatever is first. The same applies to Addition and Subtraction. Many kids to this day still use the pnemonic device "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" to learn the order of operations. However, using these is a whole different issue. I've included a great game here called "bowling with math" that teachers are sure to love.

For my class, wait for me to give you directions, for anyone else interested, go ahead and download the attached document and enjoy. DOWNLOAD BOWLING FOR MATH HERE

If you're struggling with the limited instructions provided, basically, you roll four dice, take the numbers from each, and then use them to create different equations that have answers ranging from 1-10. The player tries to create as many combinations to "knock down" as many pins as possible.

If you're in a lower grade level, this game could be easily adapted, just change the directions as you see fit.

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