Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Simple and Cool Fraction Trick

When we're learning about fractions, it can be hard sometimes to visualize how many parts there are. This funny video called THE FRACTIONATOR shows that there is a simple trick to help you always know how many times you need to cut something in order to make it into a certain fractional part. For example, if you want to cut something in half, you need to cut it once, if you want to cut something into thirds, you need to cut it twice. If you're already learning algebra, the formula would be f-1=c, if we're saying that f = the fraction we're trying to figure out, and c = how many cuts will need to be made. Let's practice this on paper. You should make a table that looks like this, make it 2 by 6, and let's do some examples:

Fraction Cuts
half 1
thirds 2
fourths 3

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