Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Few Inspirational Teacher Videos: Welcome To Another Year of Doing Work

I've been conducting professional developments for some time. They're usually centered around technology and science instruction, which is funny, because I consider science to be my weakest subject, which is why I do those PD's, to strengthen my own skill as well as pass on what I've seen.

Anyhow, when I do these PD's, I like to show a few videos. I've had to change it up over the years because these videos are pretty widely known. BUT, I wanted to share them here for those that need a little inspiration going into this upcoming year.

Remember, teaching is a fantastic, important job, and your work will have an impact for years to come. Keep up the good work teachers!

Taylor Mali on What Teacher Make: This should be required viewing for every teacher in the world!

Sir Ken Robinson at the TED Conference: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

And finally, Dalton Sherman, a Dallas kid who spoke these great, hilarious, and inspirational words to Dallas ISD teachers.

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