Sunday, August 19, 2012

Writing Journal Prompts and Resources

Writing is one of those skills that must be practiced time and again, especially in elementary school, where students are learning to master both the mechanical and creative aspects of writing.

I have my students do a daily writing journal entry based on a prompt that I write on the board. We do this in the morning during breakfast and announcements, before instruction begins. It seems easy at first to come up with good prompts, but trust me, it can be difficult to keep it going. Here are a few great places to go find some prompts or ideas:

  • Daily Writing Prompts: This site at is great, it gives prompts by month, and each prompt is attached to something of historical significance that happened that day in history or around that time. 
  • Creative Writing Prompts: An easy to use page with 346 writing prompts. Just hover the cursor over a number and get a prompt, very quick.
  • Always Write: A fantastic page with ideas about how to make writing more interesting and fun. I love the idea of "Mr. Stick," and am actually going to introduce my own version of this tomorrow and give it a trial run in class.
  • 30 Good Prompts: It is what I said it is. There's a million sites similar, but there are some good prompts of note here.

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