Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why I Made the Change to Google Chrome

More than a few years ago, I stopped using Internet Explorer, and changed to using Mozilla Firefox.
I found it to be faster, more reliable, and all around more responsive. It was a good experience. I was happy, I even had my students using Firefox.

Now, for my personal use, I use Google Chrome. I'll admit, it was a tough change at first, but now that I've been using it for a few months, I'm very happy with how well it integrates into all of Google's services. Something else that I think is great is that when I installed Google Chrome onto my computer at school (my teacher computer), it looked exactly like it does at home, right down to my bookmarks and themes. 

There is a downside here. Google Chrome is a good option for personal use, but not as good for everyday student use, because of how personalized the experience is. Without logging into my Google account, I didn't like Chrome half as much.

SOOOO, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. My personal recommendation is for students to use Mozilla Firefox, but if you like the seamless integration of your personal computing experience everywhere you go (even on your tablet and cell phone), then use Chrome. I use the heck out of Google Drive, Gmail, and of course Blogger, so Chrome has been great in that respect. 

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