Monday, August 6, 2012

That Time is Here

So here we are, at the final evening of what was a very restful, sometimes lazy summer vacation. That was my seventh summer vacation, and tomorrow I officially begin my eighth year of teaching with six days of professional development / classroom setup time.

I'm excited, this group of kids is already special to me, because it's my oldest son's grade. I remember when this group of kids started kindergarten, and I said then that I would stay at my current school until this group came along (although now I believe I'll be at my current school for many more years than that). I'm ready to get started, I have a lot in mind for this group, and I think they'll be one of my best classes ever (hopefully I don't end up eating those words in a few months).

So as I sit here watching the Olympics, and soon getting ready for bed, I just want to look back on the summer, and say that it was a productive one. I got this blog up off the ground, and it has become everything I wanted it to be by this point. I have many units and resources up, with more being posted every day. My goal was to have 50 posts and a good amount of page views by now, and I have over 60 page views and am averaging way over 100 views per day. I just hope this keeps growing, and I can keep the momentum as the year goes on. I have a vision for this blog, I want to post pictures of the activities my kids do, and discuss the daily classroom on here.

Thanks for reading, I hope you'll come back!

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