Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two Weeks and Counting: Schools is Right Around the Corner: An Awesome Desk Name Tag Idea

I put my own children on notice today, they have exactly two weeks of summer vacation left. For many of us teachers out here in the American Southwest, we go back to school in mid to late August. I'm not sure why we go back earlier than most of the East and West coasts, but we do.

Two weeks, that's not a very long time. And since I have many many inservice days before that time, I go back to work in only six days. I can't believe it, I've squandered another summer!

So what now? For me, that means I continue trying to get my resources up on my blog, and try to get into my classroom a little bit here and there. Registration in the Las Cruces School District for elementary school students is Friday, August 10th from 9:00-11:00. I'd like to have my class presentable at that time since it will be playing host to parents and students alike. That first impression is a strong one, so I've been spending mornings in the classroom organizing and basically just sprucing things up.

For my students name tags, I'll be changing things up this year. I ran across a great idea at 24-7 Teacher called Desk Name Tags: Never Distracting and Always Clean. I'll be velcroing (or hot gluing, or taping) the plastic badge holders to the corner of the desk, and than I'll make each student a business card sized name tag using Logotype Maker. This will save money and I think will keep the desks looking cleaner. Name tags have a tendency to either get torn off within a few weeks, or drawn on.


  1. I've received some additional questions and hits from your post. Let me know how it works for your kids this year. Something I forgot to mention is moving desks are now super easy - No more havng to slide the desk across the room! Thanks!

    1. Thanks again for the great idea, I'm excited to try something new.


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