Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Donors Choose Request Got Funded

Last night, as my summer break was coming to a close, I prepared to shut down the computer after a last bit of web browsing (checking scores on the baseball games, stats on the blog, etc.). At about the exact same time that I closed the web browser, my phone buzzed. I had an email. That's no big deal, because 90% of the emails I get are garbage.

This one had the subject line: A new donation to your project: Donors Choose

Cool, I thought to myself, and reopened the browser, heading to my Donors Choose account. Much to my surprise, my first donation request had just been fully funded. And this was no minor request, all in all, it came out to $502. Two donors had completed my project.

I posted this donation grant request on July 23rd. A 14 day turn around on this blew me away. I had heard good things about Donor Choose, but wow, even this next morning, the first work morning of the year for me, I'm still pretty excited about it.

My project included math activities that I can keep set up for students in need of an enrichment challenge at any time. This isn't everything I need for the entire year, but it's a start. I asked for (and will now receive):

I'm still pretty amazed that this project was funded in short time. I don't have expectations that this will happen every time, but it shows that Donors Choose does in fact work. Now that I have another point (you need points to post projects, you start with 3 I believe), I'll start working on another project once I receive this one. You really have nothing to lose here, sign up for a free account, and go for it.

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