Thursday, July 26, 2012

Area and Perimeter Teacher Resources: Worksheets, Games, and Activities

In 5th grade, we teach a unit on geometry, that mainly discusses 3-dimensional geometry. We do spend a lesson on perimeter & area. I find that this lesson normally is easy to grasp, and the vast majority of students move through it quite easily. I have a page of resources (games, activities, and worksheets) that could be of service to the classroom or homeschool teacher. These resources would be great in mainly a 4th-6th grade classroom, or maybe to challenge the very bright 3rd grader. Again, with this concept being fairly straight forward, it can be picked up pretty quickly. The unit is listed under my Math 9 Week Plans, and is titled Area & Perimeter Classroom Resources. I'm getting in the habit of re-posting these lesson and unit pages here within blog postings, I've gotten positive feedback from this, it's more user friendly than having people click all over the place. Here is the exact posting that you would find if you clicked the above link:

My school district adopted Math Investigations for use at the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year, and are still in that adoption. My school saw that our math scores were stagnant, and decided last year to try our hand at only utilizing the Investigations materials as a resource. We planned each unit out together, came up with our own materials (and compiled the resources we had and could find), and taught like that. The unit order that we came up with is the same one you'll see on the Math 9 Week Plans page. The reason I mention this is that we no longer have a curriculum to use. So as I go through these math units and lessons, I am going to list activities, games, ideas, and worksheets, because this will be my own resource as well. So that's where I'm coming from. Now let's get started:

  • Interactive Shape Explorer: A nice interactive where students find the perimeter and area of various, randomly generated regular and non-regular polygons on a grid. Optionally, the teacher can ask students to copy the shapes on graph paper and solve there.
  • The most simple classroom activity is to have students measure the dimensions of the classroom, a chalkboard, the hallways, their desk, etc. Then use those dimensions to find perimeter and area (and later on, volume). 
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Perimeter and Area: Go to pretty much any resource listing on perimeter and area activities, and you'll probably find a link to this one. There's a reason for it, it's simple and effective. It's Smartboard/projector friendly for whole class, and teaches as it goes.
  • Cyberchase Airline Builder: An online game where students must use the given amount of sticks to create different polygons. 
  • Zoo Designer: I wasn't impressed with this game at first glance, but played it for a few minutes and actually see some value in using this in class. This one is also web based.
  • Real Estate and Perimeter Game: I found that at the blog Homeschool Parent. It's a good idea for a very effective in class perimeter or area game. I'll be using this, my students always enjoy the partner games.
Perimeter and Area are usually one of the more simple concepts that come up in 5th grade. This listing of resources should help anyone get started. I'll be utilizing these and sharing them with my grade level team during this unit. As always, it's just a start. There are literally thousands of sites and worksheets out there. If you have anything else that you swear by, please share it here so I can get it up on the page.

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