Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Worksheet Works: A Great Worksheet Maker For Teachers (and it's Free)

I am constantly on the lookout for good printables. As much as I like to use technology in my classroom, and as bad of a rap as worksheets seem to get these days, they are still the backbone of many a lesson, and, if done right and used right, are a valuable resource unlike any other. I definitely am an advocate of mixing traditional, tried and true teaching practices with the newer tools.

But where do you find these worksheets? Sometimes you get lucky and have awesome curriculum, and over the years, almost all teachers collect resource books, which are shared and passed around under they literally fall to pieces. If you're looking online, there are a few guidelines. First of all, you never should have to pay for anything. There are thousands upon thousands of worksheets and resources out there in any subject, for any grade you can imagine. The best place is Google, obviously. But it can be daunting. No matter what you search for, you're bound to get tens or even hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of search results.

I came across Worksheet Works this morning while writing up some resources for a math unit. I like this site because it gives the teacher many options before building a worksheet that comes in pdf format and can be printed. I have been making worksheets and saving them in my Google Drive for the past few minutes, and they're good. I like the options, and will be showing this tool to colleagues and using it during the school year. I hope you find it helpful.

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