Friday, July 6, 2012

Learn Zillion: In Class Math Tutoring Online

This year my class will be using Learn Zillion, a website that presents students with mini math lessons similar to the Khan Academy videos, and lets the teacher assign practice work and quizzes for students to do online. The teacher can also view student progress.

Last year I used Khan Academy with advanced students during our RtI time (RtI stands for Response to Intervention, it's a mandated tutoring time, in my grade level, we primarily use it for targeted math tutoring). The issue I had with Khan Academy was the students never fully got the hang of it, and my lower level students didn't get a lot from the instruction. I'm not knocking Khan Academy, it's definitely revolutionary and my advanced students will still be utilizing it from time to time.

What I like about Learn Zillion is that its lessons work well across the board for all students. I'm going to try assigning harder work for students who need it, and if I find that it's not meeting there needs, I'll start moving those students over to Khan Academy.

Learn Zillion is very simple to use. First, the teacher signs up for a free account, then starts building a class. The first time each student logs in, they'll need the classroom code (you can print this out for them with a list of instructions). From there, the teacher can assign lessons across a broad area of math topics.

It's something I hope to find success with this upcoming year. Here's hoping!

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  1. Math tutoring has always been so amazing and very helpful.


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