Sunday, July 8, 2012

Teaching the Tiny World of Atoms and Molecules Using Zoom, the Picture Book

Zoom, by Istvan Banyai, is a great picture book that teaches students the concept of zooming. Many reading teachers use it as a simple activity in which students look at the concept of moving into a picture, and it induces some neat discussions, even in smaller kids. I use this book in science, when teaching about atoms and molecules. I normally use it during my initial lesson, as it shows simply the concept of objects within objects. I have my students view the book, then make their own "zoom book" afterwards, using a simple flip book made out of three sheets of construction paper folded into fourths, cut, and stapled together.

If you don't have access to the book, you're in luck, because you can view the entire book HERE on Slideshare or at the bottom of this post. Trust me, it's great stuff. Take a look!


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