Monday, July 16, 2012

Google Drive: All the Storage You'll Ever Need

Over the course of my teaching career (seven years), I've gone from using blank cd's, jump drives, a laptop, my own email account, Dropbox and other cloud services, to Google Drive. I still use services like Dropbox on my phone to store photos and such, but for my work files, Google Drive is all I need.

From the start, Google Drive gives you 5 gigabytes of storage. Only stored files that are not in Google Doc format count against your 5 gigs. I have tons of files in pdf format, jpegs, docs, etc, and haven't even put a 1% dent in my 5 gigs. I love that I can use my Drive on my phone, I can drop files into it on my computer and they immediately sync, and I can control the sharing and search-ability of individual files.

Most files translate over to the Google Doc format without too much trouble. Occasionally I'll find a file that gets messed up a little in Google Docs, so those files I keep in their original format, and they count against my storage.

If you don't have a Google account, GET ONE! I use Google for my document storage and editing (when I'm away from home or work), I use Google + to store my photos (this doesn't count against my Drive), and Google offers so many services, not to mention how great Gmail is. I highly recommend Google Drive, the 5 GB for free is a great deal, and the deals on upgraded storage are awesome (25 GB for $2.50 a month is awesome).

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